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As the police no longer assume responsibility for Traffic Management at community events that are not of national significance, there is a need to have community event organisers and their staff educated to plan and implement Traffic Management measures for community events to a high standard. Lantra has developed this course to provide event organisers and their staff the knowledge of Traffic Management techniques and equipment implementation, as well as methods to aid with planning, costing and application of Traffic Management plans. The course has a strong emphasis on maintaining safety for pedestrians, event staff and road users. The TMCE course is designed to be approachable to a large number of roles and professions, as such there are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Information

  • Introduction

    Welcome to the LANTRA accredited Traffic Management for Community Events course! This in-depth training program is designed to provide you with a strong grasp of the skills and legislation required for carrying out Traffic Management for the purposes of community events.

    Throughout this course, you will learn how to safely and effectively prepare, implement and remove Traffic Management measures in the context of community events. This course also provides the knowledge to strengthen your understanding on the costings of event Traffic Management, and aids understanding on proper Traffic Management planning and working in conjunction with local Highways Authorities to apply for permissions.

    The course maximises delivery through classroom based teaching, to be assessed through written tests under exam conditions. This hones in on delivering the most amount of relevant knowledge to your needs and best equip you for undertaking Traffic Management for community events, minimising public disruption and ensuring safety.

    With the Lantra-accredited TMCE course, you are developing your ability to ensure your community events can run smoother through safe and efficient traffic Management. We look forward to guiding you through this comprehensive learning experience.

  • Course Features

    Our Lantra TMCE course covers a range of topics that may prove useful to a range of roles. Teaching is typically carried out over the course of one day, though with previous exposure and experience this can reduce the teaching time to half a day. You can expect these key features from our course:

    Expert Instructors: Our course is headed by our experienced professional trainers who have decades of experience in the Temporary Traffic Management and event Traffic Management sectors. Their professional on-the-job experience will allow you to rest assured that you are receiving top quality training, drawing from their extensive knowledge.

    Comprehensive Curriculum: Our course covers many aspects of Traffic Management in the context of community events, from the planning stage to set-up and interacting with the public, with a focus on managing road users to promote safety. This will prepare you for the general and emergency routines when handling real-world community event Traffic Management scenarios.

    Practical Knowledge: Each module provides hands-on experience and practical insights in both a Centre-Based and Live Site assessment scenario. This equips you with the ability to perform Traffic Management to a high standard required by the industry, and maximise on your work site effectiveness and safety/risk awareness.

    Assessment: The course employs multiple-choice test papers in exam conditions to evaluate your understanding and knowledge of the materials. This not only ensures you grasp the necessary information but also prepares you for the wider experience and potential issues faced whilst enacting Traffic Management plans.

    Focus on Safety: A significant part of the course is dedicated to teaching you how to ensure the safety of event staff and the public, both pedestrians and road users.

  • Who Should Attend

    Our LANTRA TMCE training course is structured to cover a broad range of knowledge applicable to a range of positions who would assist with community event Traffic Management. If you are in, or looking to be in, one of these roles in the future, this course may prove to be an invaluable resource to help solidify your industry understanding:

    Event Stewards: The primary benefactor for this course. These are the ground workers in charge of maintaining, and possibly installing, the Traffic Management equipment and systems in place. They hold numerous duties during the event, including vehicle guidance, sign implementation and pedestrian control. This course is an essential tool in the belt of anyone looking to enter into the profession.

    Event Organisers: For those who will be creating Traffic Management plans for community event, this course is an essential tool in your belt. With the Lantra TMCE course, you will gain an appreciation into the 

    Traffic Management Operatives: Those with existing Traffic Management qualifications who are looking to gain an appreciation into the specifics of community event Traffic Management may see benefit from this course.

    Highways Authority Staff: Those looking to enter the profession will benefit highly from this course, as this course covers proper Traffic Management planning for community events, and provides an insight into the approval process and what Traffic Management measures are acceptable.

    Note: this course, whilst broad in application, is not designed for complex traffic management situations, which does include major events. As such, this course would not be suitable for Traffic Marshals, or those who work with the police at these major events. For this we would recommend the M1/M2 award.

  • Course Outcomes

    Within the LANTRA TMCE course, your expertise into setting up Traffic Management for community events will be heightened greatly after completing the course objectives.

    At the end of the course learners will be able to understand current legislation and the requirements of the laws, as well as understand the Traffic Management plan application process and the relevant costs Candidates will be able to produce a community event Traffic Management plan, identifying hazards and understanding the control measures to reduce their risks. Finally, candidates will be able to understand Traffic Management requirements affecting road users and event staff.

    There will be two multiple choice written tests at the end of the course. The pass rate for both of these tests is 70%. Upon completion, LANTRA will issue learners with a certificate of attainment and a skills registration card (if selected for).

Awarding Bodies

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