Lywood Training Centre

Lywood Depot, Lindfield Road


Haywards Heath

RH17 6SW

Lywood Training Centre, nestled within the picturesque surroundings of Ardingly, is a well-equipped and professional facility dedicated to providing high-quality training programmes.

Location Information


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    The what3words app can guide you straight to the training centre. This app assigns unique three-word addresses to every 3m x 3m square worldwide. To navigate to our centre, simply click the provided what3words link, which will direct you to the exact location within the app.

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  • Direction From Ardingly

    If you're heading south from Ardingly, Lywood Depot is just 0.3 miles away on the B2028. As you proceed, look out for a small red post box on your left-hand side. After passing the post box, take the first left turn. The depot gates are conveniently located at the end of this drive.

  • Directions From Lingfield

    When heading north from Lingfield, you'll find Lywood Depot approximately 2.9 miles away on the B2028. As you approach, keep an eye out for a small red post box on your right-hand side. Just before reaching this post box, make a right turn. You will find the gates to the depot at the end of this drive.

  • Public Transport Access

    For public transport, Haywards Heath is the closest railway station to Lywood Depot. Upon arrival at the station, you can conveniently take a taxi to reach Lywood Depot.

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