Road Safety Audit 1 - 4

Wilbar Associate's experienced Road Safety Audit team will deliver your Road Safety Audit (RSA) to Highways Agency Standard GG119 and any other Highway Authority or Local Authority standards as required.

We undertake RSA for all types of highway, public realm and development schemes including:

►New highway schemes

►Highway improvement schemes.

►Junction improvement schemes including signal, roundabout and priority junctions.

►Local and Area wide safety schemes.

►Controlled and uncontrolled pedestrian crossings

►Bus priority schemes

►Cycle schemes including cycle lanes, cycle crossings and cycle facilities at signals

►Public Realm and streetscape improvement schemes

►Parking schemes including Controlled Parking Zones

►Development schemes (To meet the requirements of Local and Regional Planning Planning Authorities as part of planning applications)


You can view more information below about the different stages of RSA.

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Road Safety Audit Example