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Wilbar Associates, a leading traffic management and consultancy firm, offers expert swept path analysis services to ensure efficient and safe vehicle movement in various settings. With their vast experience and knowledge, they provide comprehensive solutions for both private and public sector clients, including local authorities, highways agencies, and developers.


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What is a Swept Path Analysis?

A Swept Path Analysis is the calculation and analysis of the movement and path of different parts of a vehicle when that vehicle is undertaking a turning manoeuvre. At a basic level this includes calculating the path taken by each wheel during the turn and also calculating the space needed by the vehicle body during the turn.

Planning Applications for developments sometimes need to demonstrate that the plan layout can accommodate the movement of vehicles regularly expected by the development. This is because site layouts are becoming increasingly congested to accommodate planning requirements and to achieve viable developments. This has lead to designs being challenged more and more by the planning authority who need to be confident that the proposed layout is fit for purpose, particularly for sites where room for vehicle manoeuvres is limited.

In order for the Local Authority to be confident that the design proposals can accommodate vehicle movements they can request a drawing showing the Swept Path Analysis of vehicles overlaid on the proposed site layout to demonstrate that the vehicles can manoeuvre safely and efficiently within the site layout.

Swept Path Analysis benefits Planners, Architects, Engineers, Developers and site owners as it provides them with the means to assess the turning implications of a wide variety of vehicle types on design layouts at a very early stage in the design process without the need of physically driving or undertaking the manoeuvres. This helps inform the design process and provides a fast and cost efficient method of assessing alternative layouts and sites. Wilbar Associates Limited have extensive experience in providing Swept Path Analysis using AutoTrack Road Software for a wide variety of major and minor developments throughout the UK.f.

We offer a wide range of Swept Path Analysis services including:

Car Park Design and Assessment

Petrol Filling Station layouts

Vehicle Access/Egress Arrangements

Office, Industrial and Retail Servicing areas

Fast Food Drive Through

Emergency and Refuse Vehicle Analysis for Housing Developments

Interrogation of new junctions and Roundabouts

Abnormal Load Route Planning

Emergency Service Developments

If the vehicle you require assessing is unique or not within our vehicle library, don't worry we can create a simulation for all vehicles as long as basic vehicle data is provided.

If you do not have an AutoCAD site layout drawing, we can make/use digital copies of plans, and as long as they are to scale, we are then able to undertake the Swept Path Analysis on the digital plan or we can purchase the plan on your behal

Fire Truck Example

Low Loader Example

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